About Us

"My Tutorials”™ (www.mytutorials.co.in) is an online educational platform committed to the educational and emotional development of individuals, especially children and women through innovative programs integrated with technology solutions. The portal provides real-time Tuition/ Coaching sessions for classes VIII to XII by experienced Tutors, Live-lecture series with a focus ranging from good-touch-bad-touch to mental health literacy, Motivational Lecture-series for school children, Exam Repository for Undergraduate students & Online counseling for Women. The Live-lecture series also emphasizes on topics like technology, entrepreneurship, and employability skills, including English-speaking skills in the rural settings. The Motivational Lecture series is designed for school children, especially to fight against stress due to examination fear, depression, deviant thought, and behavior patterns, and peer issues like bullying or friendlessness.

As a way forward, we are offering the following services over our digital platform:

  1. “My Tutor” is the Online Coaching Platform for students of classes VIII to XII
  2. Career Counseling & Motivational talks for schoolchildren
  3. Live lecture series on social issues, Health & Hygiene particularly for the girl child
  4. Exam Repository for UG students
  5. Teachers’ Training Program & Impact Analysis
  6. Online Counseling for Women
  7. Admission to Bachelor of Engineering Courses in overseas universities.

We are hopeful that you will be benefited from our various services & look forward to your suggestion & feedback.