My Tutorials Copy Editing Services

The copy editing services initiated by My Tutorials aim is to assist individuals with their manuscript preparations. We offer copyediting solutions through different developmental stages. We have services that assist with grammatical errors, formatting issues, enhancing vocabulary, and expert guidance for improving contextual consistency and the flow of manuscripts. Additionally, we cater to a wide range of scripts, from academic papers and theses to book chapters.
Our Expertise:
1. Experienced professionals with sound knowledge of various formatting criteria
2. Professionals from backgrounds of Literature to assist with proof-reading and vocabulary
3. Free Consultation before submitting a manuscript to understand our client's requirements
4. Affordable prices and extra discounts for students
Our Workflow:
A Simple 6 Step Process
1. Submit customer details and manuscript requirements
2. Schedule an appointment for customer expectations
3. Finalizing submission date
4. Commencement of editing work
5. Submission for customer's feedback
6. Finalization of the manuscript
Our Prices:
1. Base price= Rs 3.5/- per word
2. Submission within eight days: Rs 1000/- above the base price
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